Gourmet Spice Rubs…

Herbal Nutri-Spice

What it is…A special blend of high quality herbs, spices and seeds and yeast that provide an additional protein boost to any meal.

*Hemp seeds, which I also talked about in previous blog, is known as the king of protein, supplies the body with a balance of omega 3 and 6, essential fatty acids that must be obtained by diet.

*Sesame seeds, another good source of protein, omega 6, calcium, phosphorus, vitamins A & E, fiber, folic acid, and B complex, is great for lubricating the intestines, harmonizing the blood, combating constipation and treating anemia.

*Nutritional yeast, a popular choice by vegetarians and vegans, is a living organism grown on sugarcane and beet molasses, harvested, washed, dried and packaged. Nutritional yeast is a complete protein that also offers an excellent source of B vitamins, particularly B12, a common deficiency in those strictly relying on a plant based diet and helps to manage stress levels, maintain good metabolic rate, prevent pancreatic cancer and promote skin health. Moreover, nutritional yeast is high in fiber to help you maintain regulation.

Try it on popcorn, rub it on your tofu or other protein, sprinkle it on your veggies or use it as a dip for fresh bread and olive oil… Anyway you choose to eat it, you can’t go wrong. Come see us at the market, rain or shine, and taste for yourself, what you have been missing!


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