New Years Eve Spread: Seven Vegetables


New Years Eve Spread: Seven Vegetables

I have not met too many people who don’t like Ethiopian Food, in fact, most who I know, love it! I fell in love with Ethiopian food when I lived in Washington, DC, among a vibrant Ethiopian Community.  When I was with my first child, it was my craving and that’s when a dear friend and Ethiopian native, Saba, introduced me to authentic Ethiopian food and I have been preparing it now for 12 years with an intuitive sense and a contemplative practice. I realize after 12 years, that I do not have the recipe written down anywhere and precision is a matter of heart, hand and eye. I have eaten at several Ethiopian restaurants, many in DC, a few in Phili and one in Cali and I have meshed the experiences and composed a symphony not replicated anywhere else. The staple of Ethiopian Food, from a plant based perspective has not changed much, however, I have added beets and mushrooms (Cali influence) to the mix and omitted the shiro and fit-fit. Earth’s Elements rendition includes 7 vegetables:

*split peas

*spicy red lentils

*collard greens (with flaxmeal)

*tomato salad (center)



*a medley of cabbage, string beans, carrots & potatoes

I am fortunate to live in close enough proximity to buy fresh injera so I have never had a need to learn how to make it (at least not yet). Injera is made with teff (a grain native to Ethiopia) flour, a great alternative to other flours, because it is a gluten free food, high in carbs, low in fat and a good source of protein.

Ethiopian Food has been our once a year, start to the New Year for the last 7 years, a healthy way to start every new year!


  1. Monica Utsey

    Oh this looks so good. Your children are so blessed to have a wonderful chef as a mom. I think the Creator surrounded me by so many women who can cook for a reason. Happy New Year!

  2. Rhya Jovan

    I am happy you remembered the mushroom experience in CA! Happy blessings and eating to you and yours.


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