Food is Love


Food is Love

Although Valentine’s Day is really not my holiday of choice, I can respect it and know many who do engage and enjoy it. Here are a few thoughts on spreading the love, from a food perspective…

As we all know, one of the best ways to show our love is through food!

So today for that special someone in your life, consider cooking a meal from the heart. “The greatest nourishment we can ever take in is that of love. Love infuses every morsel of food we ingest. Without it, we starve our hearts, and ultimately, our soul” (Minich, 121).

Our  hands are known to be extensions of our heart chakra and all that comes in contact with our hands are in fact, being caressed by it. Our hands are the antennas whereby  we are touched by the world and vise versa. This is the chakra of balance, represented by the number four, as it is located at the midway point between all the others. It is the chakra of love and where true healing comes from. One of the best examples can be taken from our earth mother, and how she cradles us in her greenery.  Let it be our way to nurture the ones we love with green foods that balance this chakra.

The list of green foods is far too extensive for this go round, so I’ll focus on one of my favorites, SPINACH!

Along with balancing your heart chakra, spinach is a great source of iron, fiber, vitamins A, K, and the antioxidant powers of vitamins C and E. And there are a variety of ways to prepare it and feel nourished:

Spinach Salad with mung bean sprouts, onions, almonds and dates.

As a side dish, you can sauté it in coconut oil with onions, garlic and pumpkin seeds as in this West African rendition of Spinach and Agusi. So simple, but oh… so good!

Courtesy of Khafren Smith

Or better yet as an appetizer, you can have it as a spread with olives, or artichokes, and really green your snack.

Raw Spinach & Artichoke Spread

Most importantly, meal preparation is a good time to incorporate a contemplative practice such as, mindfulness; get in touch with your intuitive mind and reach for ingredients that will reflect your thought pattern; be “open-hearted” and share the love!

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