Mung Beans… For Balancing the Solar Plexus and Healing the Body

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Mung Beans… For Balancing the Solar Plexus and Healing the Body

One of the most digestible, high protein, non-starchy, low-fat, and nutritious beans you can eat are mung beans. Not to mention that they are also gluten-free. Mung beans are helpful in detoxifying the body, treating throat pain, relieving constipation, and promoting the circulation of body fluids. Mung beans are also a great source of a high-energy carbohydrate that fuels our Solar Plexus.

In previous blogs, I talked about chakras, (the root and sacral) the first two of the lower chakras and their complimentary foods. Mung beans initiate us to the 3rd chakra, the Solar Plexus, the last of the lower chakras on the journey upward. The Solar Plexus is the “fire in the belly” so to speak, our power center and is symbolized by the color of the sun- yellow. This energy deals with our connection to self, our perception of self, identifying characteristics, our projection and relation to the external world. Keeping this chakra in check helps to synchronize our internal reality with what we experience in the greater outside.

There are a few simple ways to enjoy mung beans:  combine them with rice for a complete protein meal or if live food is your preference, sprout them for your salad. However, raw foods may cause our solar plexus to work harder. So using this chakra’s element of fire, to transform our food is a good way to go.

Alas, they also come in another tasty form that kids, especially, will love. Noodles!!! You can find them at most grocery stores, like Whole Foods or Fresh Grocer. And best bet you can also find the same product at any Asian market, for less. Mung bean noodles are quick to prepare and boil to the right consistency in less than 5 minutes. You can season them with whatever herbs and spices you have on hand and add veggies for a delicious 10 minute meal. Or you can also add them to soup with carrots, mushrooms, spinach and tofu, as seen here:

Unlike many other beans, mung beans are alkaline in nature, so adding them to our diet is a great way to maintain our body’s PH balance.  Overeating acidic foods, such as, with most processed foods, flour products, coffee, tea, dairy, etc… can cause the body’s internal environment to easily become a breeding ground for dis-ease. Mung beans can help to re-establish homeostasis, clear unwanted debris that disrupts the body’s natural flow and keep our power center in alignment.


Chakra Foods for Optimum Health by Deanna Minnich


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