Expanding the Heart with Green Foods

Cooking as a Contemplative Practice/Healing Foods

Expanding the Heart with Green Foods

Once we have incorporated root vegetables for grounding, oils and fats for flowing, and carbohydrates for transformation, we spiral up to reach the center of our energy system, our heart chakra. This is where the highest vibration can be found. This is where love emanates through our hand chakras to prepare food with contemplation, to heal and touch the world with our heart. The heart chakra is the scale that thrives on chlorophyll found in plant-based foods and their antioxidants. And what keeps it in balance is foremost, of a GREEN frequency. It can be complex, cruciferous, leafy, sprouted or raw (if you prefer). Some are even bitter, astringent and especially, alkaline. All of which are rejuvenating and invigorating, reminding us to embrace expansiveness and compassion while discouraging dis-ease.

In previous blogs, Cooking with Intention and The Lost Ritual of Eating, I talked about the importance of energy in food and the role it plays in addition to the quantity and quality of foods we eat. The openness of the heart chakra is what allows us to be a conduit of love between the ingredients and those we nourish with our food. Our hands are again, only the extensions of the heart, and what we hold within it, is what is oftentimes reflected in what we create with plant foods.

Salads accompany most, if not all dinners meals, however, for this occasion, I decided to take greening a step up. Here are the ingredients we are working with today:

The end result is a new salad and a new product, a “Super Green Goddess Dressing” added to our line of specialty products, available later in the season at local farmer’s markets. It is made predominantly with live green foods, with the exception of the mighty raw chia seed, raw garlic and apple cider vinegar. It includes, scallions (green onions), pumpkin seeds, expeller pressed olive oil, lime juice, himalayan pink sea salt, cilantro and spirulina.

Which then is generously spread atop a bead of baby spinach, garnished with alfalfa sprouts, green peppers, green olives, green grapes, cucumbers, avocados and cilantro. This salad is loaded with anti-oxidants, protein, omegas, and many other vitamins and minerals. An affair that should be not taken lightly, working with the rhythm of 12 ingredients, chosen intuitively as mirrored in the 12 petals of the heart chakra. It’s an alkaline salad that is oh, so… super H-EARTH-y!

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