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Can anyone say ZUCCHINI?!?!

For this weeks’ Culinary Nutrition Workshop at GLEC and final celebration, a chocolate, whole grain, zucchini bread was most fitting, given the abundance of zucchini this season.

Our mini-lesson was centered around the antioxidant power of cocoa , the fiber and digestive benefits of whole grains and the many creative ways to prepare ZUCCHINI.

The best time of the year for zucchini is soon to pass, but the benefits of indulging in such a versatile vegetable are long-lasting. In addition to the protein and fiber that zucchini provides, it also offers manganese, which helps to metabolize protein and carbohydrates; a precursor for an amino acid that allows for collagen formation, healthy skin and proper wound healing. Furthermore, zucchini’s vitamin A content contributes to healthy eye and lung functions and it’s anti-inflammatory powers helps reduce the risk of heart attacks and high blood pressure. If that’s not enough to convince you to add more zucchini into your food life, zucchini is also an excellent antioxidant, loaded with vitamin C, an essential that we all need to maintain a healthy immune system.

Thus far we have created zucchini dip-sticks, zucchini boats and this amazingly creative way to disguise zucchini in a wholesome baked good, as seen here:

Zucchini boats can be stuffed with whole grain bread crumbs, as seen here:

You could also use any other vegetable or grain on hand, like, quinoa, millet brown rice or amaranth. All are protein rich and nutritious. I have also included zucchini in fajitas, quesadillas, and roasted veggie sandwiches all summer long and it’s mild flavor makes it super compatible with many other vegetables and grains.

Hope you have enjoyed our LOCAL & FREESTYLE musings this summer. Stay tuned for more of the same creative, locally inspired culinary creations during our Fall After School Culinary Nutrition Program at Germantown Life Enrichment Center (GLEC).

GLEC Summer Culinary Nutrition Program 2012

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