Go FIG-ure… Healing with Ancient Figs

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Go FIG-ure… Healing with Ancient Figs

One of my favorite fruits of all time. Figs are one of the most ancient, sweetest fruits known to man, dating back to Ancient Egypt (Kemet). Ancients resourcefully used  figs as a main sweetener and some still do in places like Asia.

 My love for figs may even be embedded in my genes. My grandparents and those before, cultivated figs in the Cape Verde Islands during the late 1800’s and onwards.

In favorable conditions, a fig tree can live up to 200 years and my recent re-discovery to fresh figs, found at the local Farmer’s Market in Germantown has been, a blast to the past, back to the future, deeply rooted gastronomic episode. While I have always enjoyed dried figs as an alternative to other sweets, there is no comparison to a fresh, local fig!

But not only are figs sweet and succulent, they are also highly nutritious.  Eating figs not only feeds your craving for sweetness, they possess lots of calcium, iron, high vitamin A, C and B content in addition to potassium, phosphorus and yes, protein. Figs are also high in polyphenols, naturally occurring in plant-based foods that help reduce the risk of cancer. Figs super powers are also hidden in another cancer fighting compound, benzaldehyde, which according to science, has the capacity to shrink abnormal growth.

Healing with figs can be quite simple, as they are good for coughs, sore throats, asthmatic conditions, anemia, gout and other digestive disorders.

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If you’re low on energy, reach for a fig. Fresh is best, but dried is acceptable, during non-peak growing seasons. If you want to lower your cholesterol, choose figs. If you have a sweet craving, find a fig. If parasites are plaguing you, feed it figs. If you want more anti-bacterial foods in your diet, fig is it. If bowl movements are an issue, fig is the laxative that will deliver the ease you need to regulate your system.

Fig is here to serve and they are many ways to serve it. No matter how you play with figs, they will be equally delicious!

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