A response to the Tragedy in Connecticut

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A response to the Tragedy in Connecticut

I am a mother of four children, 3 school-age and the thought of losing my children was too unbearable to imagine, even for a brief moment.

We are right now, at this present time on earth, faced with an epidemic no prescribed drug, healing food or recipe alone can remedy. No words, no flesh alone can do it. It’s a call for not only compassion, but also a pulling back of the illusionary veil and looking at the reality we are left with alongside of the pain, sorrow and grief experienced by the families directly impacted and others who possess the empathy to stop, observe and respect.

A deep sense of compassion for all the lives lost, for the innocent, the heroic and even the misled soul whose pain was so great, so overpowering that he unleashed it unto others whose lives were certainly worth living and stripped from them too soon.

Honestly, I spent the last few days thinking, analyzing and exchanging thoughts about why and how, but I came across a quote by Martin Luther King, from back in 1963 that speaks so eloquently to this nation-wide crisis: “We must be concerned not merely about who murdered them, but about the system, the way of life, the philosophy which produced the murderers.”

As we move closer to a paradigm shift, facing the end of the Mayan calendar, let us incorporate more contemplation, whether in the form of prayer while we eat, meditation, yoga, journeying, or any other form of healing modality to transmit thoughts and energy of love and ask that all their spirits be exalted in the light.


  1. April

    Amen Elizabeth. Amen. Instead of drugging up our children with antipsychotic medications, let us try talking and identifying with them, feeding them nourishing food and looking inward at ourselves to discover the secrets of the human psyche and how to nourish it…My heart goes out to every soul who has lost the connection to life…may they find their way back to the light so they may experience the bliss of this physical world we are blessed to experience for a short while

    1. Earth' s Elements Healing Foods & Products

      I am right there with you, April. If we shift our level of commitment and investment, perhaps there will be less shifting of blame. The connection that you speak of is critical to the foundation of healthy, loving relationships and without it, well, there is more of the same. Thanks so much for sharing.


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