Food Metaphysics

Healing Foods

Healing with Onions

  Vidalia, Spanish, Pearl. Red, Green, Yellow, White. Raw, baked, caramelized, fermented, even fried. They release sulfur compounds that jerk our ducts and bring on tears.  A bittersweet relationship and such a small price to pay.  Any way you slice their lovely spirals, they are irresistibly appealing and of course, healing. With a few exceptions, such as with Ayurveda diet,…

Healing Foods

Healing with Shitake

Mysterious almost, in the way they appear overnight. In the way they nourish themselves from we might consider dead matter. In the way they extract nutrients from trees. Fungus. Fleshy, between the realm of animal and plant, offer strength and courage. Superstitiously unavoidable or denied, they are ancient and once associated with immortality by those fortunate enough to consume them….