HOW to Eat Now: Mindfully Affordable

Cooking as a Contemplative Practice/Healing Foods

HOW to Eat Now: Mindfully Affordable

Our search for the perfect food has preoccupied our thinking long enough. The truth is that we may never find the perfect food, not because it doesn’t exist, but because it was never lost. Even the best foods will not have the power to transform us. Not on their own, at least and not without us as a conduit. Not without a spiritual compass. Even in our best attempts to be discriminating, pay top dollar at high-end stores, shop local, we may still end up short.

There is an approach to eating well that will have little impact on how much we spend, where we shop and even what we may know about nutrition. “It’s not so much what you eat as the way you eat that is important” (p47). We have been convinced of diets, trends and prescribed foods in our quest for well-being. We have forgotten that there is more to food than physical nourishment. With moderation and mindfulness, we have the perfect formula to help us redefine our relationship with food.

We hear it all that time that food prepared with intention and gratitude transmits the very same. We understand it on some level. We always have. We have heard that thoughts can change the structure of water. And it has. So, why not food? Why not? “Prayer, Meditation, contemplation and ecstasy are all forms of nutrition. They are the best and more sublime forms in fact, for they give us a taste of celestial food” (p 131). When we become more aware in the process of eating, we can shift our thinking to align with our food and get the best from it. We can do it by being mindful in the process of selecting, preparing and eating our food. It can BE, if we change our perception and our thinking.

Plants, specifically, contain potential energy that is waiting to be unlocked and we are the key-bearers. “Food also opens and closes depending on our attitude, and when it opens it gives us the purest, most divine energies” (p42). We have to re-learn how to extract it. Fine-tune it. “But this is something that can only be done by the power of thought. The only way in which we can release all that energy imprisoned in our food is by consciously concentrating on it in our minds” (p109). Food absorbs and reacts to energy. There is an unspoken, yet intimate relationship between our food and us. One that is more valuable than cost and that defines quality beyond how it’s grown, where it comes from, and to some degree what it contains. “Eating is a form of yoga, for to eat correctly requires attention, concentration and control” (p26). We are relating with our food on various levels and showing an appreciation and gratitude for it, is a simple act of kindness. We are in a constant state of exchange. Why not give to it, what we expect in return. It can only reflect the same on our spirit, mind and body.

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