Journey with Jicama

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Journey with Jicama

Ginger Jicima Salad with Mango, Avocado & Nappa

I was led to her the way I am led to many others; the nourishing edibles, the ones only designed for adornment and admiration, the ones that speak to the soul about where they’ve been, want to go, why they’ve showed up, and how to harness their power. This is how I came to know jicama. Our energy fields collided, halting thought, inviting presence. And so it was that I would buy… into the idea of creating a new fresh salad, perfect for the warming weather. I held and waited for the inspiration and flow to come upon me. I waited for the right time when breath could not be denied, when the heat and humidity of the day, would lead me to cooling and hydrating foods.

Jicama was talked up and showed up so much that wherever I went to shop, there she would be. Not like de-ja-vu, but more like synchronicity, a message that could not be overlooked. Much like how Deepak Chopra described “good luck”, as the moment when “opportunity meets preparedness”. This time I was ready to receive the gift…yes, from a plant.

I had never been so curious to create with jicama. A newborn, a virgin, in all my cooking years, I felt completely submissive. I enjoyed her cool nature in the past, but had ignored her pull so many times. This time, however, the pull was so strong, I questioned whether Mexican blood was flowing through my veins, contemplated my DNA and hers. I was moved outside of my self-created box. No doubt, I was ready.

Obviously not a local food, nor a part of the notion of sustainability, but being an unadulterated food may be enough to offer more benefit than harm. These exceptions are made and guided more by intuition than reason. A deeper connection to the foods we are led to, those that seem to shadow us, those we ultimately have to answer to.  Hence, why choosing our foods (or being open to our foods choosing us) and eating is a such a personal journey of tuning in and tuning out.

The best way to describe this freestyle salad is simply…invigorating as most other plant foods, especially living foods.  Jicama’s high water content makes it an ideal cooling food, low in calories, high in vitamin C, fiber, and antioxidants. Not at all pre-planned, I was happy to have a mango, an avocado, some nappa cabbage, ginger, apple cider vinegar, sesame seed oil, maple syrup, and black sesame seeds on hand to enhance the crispness of jicama. Followed by taste, salt to taste and  taste, an ideal salad for an energy boost and cleansing was created.  After all was said and done, I soon learned how great jicama is for the skin, and that’s a win-win!

When we are drawn to a particular food, it helps to let go, jump in, and try suspending our thoughts. Bring it home, connect with it and it will be revealed why it has shown up in your life. As I mentioned in prior blogs, developing a healthy relationship with plant foods, is much like developing a relationship with any other living being. It begins with an open invitation. From here, I leave you with the words of Eckhart Tolle, “when you are present, when your attention is fully in the Now, the Presence will flow into and transform what you do. There will be quality and power in it”. You are present when what you are doing is not primarily a means to an end but fulfilling in itself, when there is joy and aliveness in what you do”. Some of the best foods, dishes come about when we let go of outcomes and expectations, lose and find ourselves in the process. Try it out for yourself!


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