Food Metaphysics

Food Alchemy

Fall Treat: Apples, Almonds, Pumpkin

Just when you thought nothing was/is as good or better than caramel covered apples… Well think again. Get ready to open yourself up to almond butter covered apples with pumpkin seed crumble! Most of the work is in the crumb mixture, which really is a quick masterpiece. Whether you celebrate Halloween or not is totally…irrelevant!  It’s a great fall treat…

Food Philosophy

Giants in the Kitchen

A simple pleasure. Culture. Most of us enjoy eating out. Most of us may fall in the often, seldom, or somewhere in between. Some of us may have attempted, at least a time or two (or more), to replicate take-out or convenient meals at home. As ambitious and determined as we may be, there’s good reason why most pre-packaged convenience…