Fall Treat: Apples, Almonds, Pumpkin

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Fall Treat: Apples, Almonds, Pumpkin

Just when you thought nothing was/is as good or better than caramel covered apples…

Well think again. Get ready to open yourself up to almond butter covered apples with pumpkin seed crumble!

Most of the work is in the crumb mixture, which really is a quick masterpiece.

Whether you celebrate Halloween or not is totally…irrelevant!  It’s a great fall treat for parties, after-dinner dessert or snack that can happen in 5 simple steps.


8-12 local apples

1 cup almond butter (any brand) room temperature

1 cup of pumpkin seeds (raw)

½ cup of whole grain flour (coconut or teff for gluten-free folks or whole wheat)

¼ cup of coconut oil (or soy free non-dairy butter, which ever you prefer)

½ cup of raw can sugar or ¼ cup of agave

½ tspn Cinnamon

½ tspn Nutmeg

¼ tspn Cloves


Step 1: Crumb Preparation: Makes enough for 8-12 apples. Mix 1 cup of pumpkin seeds with coconut oil or non-dairy butter, and sugar, and spices thoroughly with a fork or fingers until crumbles form. Set to the side.

Step 2: Once apples are washed, de-cored and sliced, insert wooden toothpicks.

Step 3: Holding the toothpick, lightly and evenly spread almond butter on each side.

Step 4: Roll in pumpkin crumble, coating the whole slice or apple.

Step 5: Allow to set at room temperature and enjoy!



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