Food Metaphysics

Food Philosophy

Snow Days: Cooking the Day Away

A day in bed? Catching up on unfinished projects or tasks? Or a day in the kitchen? The thought of passing on an ideal, spontaneous, resourceful, put your foot in it cooking day, was much too tempting to pass on. It’s the ideal time for slow cooked food. So, I spent most of my waking hours doing it. Creating… a…

Food Philosophy

What’s your type?

Did you know that “9 out of 10 cooks in the US could be categorized as being one of 5 personality types”? The Food Psychology folks at Cornell University published the results of the personality tests, but they may have left out a 6th and 7th personality type. I have included the Mindful Cook who understands and respects the connection…

Food Alchemy

Food and Ritual

Susan Shie’s Kitchen Tarot It’s such a small word, easy to put into so many contexts. Bold enough to make some of us a little bit uncomfortable. And food and cooking are at the center of it all. It’s quietly what gives meaning and memory to celebrations of all kinds. It can reconnect us to a time when deeper purpose…