What’s your type?

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What’s your type?

Did you know that “9 out of 10 cooks in the US could be categorized as being one of 5 personality types”? The Food Psychology folks at Cornell University published the results of the personality tests, but they may have left out a 6th and 7th personality type. I have included the Mindful Cook who understands and respects the connection between their food and environment, and the Alchemical Cook who plays out the role of a cook who understands how their directed energy influences food.

Here are seven cooking personality types:

  • Giving Cooks: Friendly, well–liked, enthusiastic cooks who specialize on comfort foods for family gatherings and large parties. Giving cooks seldom experiment with new dishes, instead relying on traditional favorites (Cornell).
  • Healthy Cooks: Optimistic, book–loving, nature enthusiasts who are most likely to experiment with fish and with fresh ingredients, including herbs (Cornell).
  • Innovative Cooks: The most creative, trend–setting of all cooks. Seldom using recipes, they experiment with ingredients, cuisine styles, and cooking methods (Cornell).
  • Methodical Cooks: Often weekend hobbyists who are talented, but who rely heavily on recipes. Although somewhat inefficient in the kitchen, their creations always look exactly like the picture in the cookbook. Highest success rate of all cooks (Cornell).
  • Competitive Cooks: The Iron Chef of the neighborhood. Competitive cooks are dominant personalities who cook in order to impress others. These are perfectionists who are intense in both their cooking and entertaining (Cornell).
  • Mindful Cooks: Ecologically aware of how food gets to their table. Stewards of the earth and their kitchen, makes strong attempts to incorporate sustainable practices (local food, composting). Pays close attention to quality in selecting and preparing their food. Creates with or without recipes; with the flavor of joy.
  • Alchemical Cooks: Approaches cooking as a spiritual practice and understands how their own energy has an effect on what they cook. Through the use of intention and presence can turn basic ingredients into a nutritious meal. Values these principles more than the ingredients themselves. Intuitively driven, working with or without recipes.

We may be of one these types at different times in our cooking lives. We may morph from one type to the next or express all personalities. Our own balance with these seven personality types can move us toward whole cooking, as the Holistic Cook. The source of good food, good health and healing.

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