Kitchen Yoga

Citrus-beet salad with Roasted Fennel, Radicchio, Chives, & Pistachios

Snow, ice, rain, hot tea, cocoa, all become one on snow days of no school and less travel. Being in a warm, aroma filled scent-filled kitchen can be better than being in bed. It’s the perfect space for kitchen yoga. Being in kitchen yoga mode is more than about stretching your fingers, and submitting to kriyas and mudras. It’s about stretching your culinary muscle, your creative energy, your intuitive sensibility, and testing the limits of what you love and how you love your food, yourself and those who eat it. Whatever is created in kitchen yoga mode is a reflection of the hands and energy that prepared it, and all else. It’s about making everyday ordinary, extraordinary. This was the storm before the quiet, only happening indoors. Here’s what was created this time around. It’s grounding, blood-purifying, super-nutritious and healing.


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