Putting the Pressure On

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Putting the Pressure On

One of the most novel constructs in cooking has found its way back into the kitchens and lives of cooks and chefs. Today, it serves the same purpose with added benefits, in a time when we are busier than ever. With it, the only pressure to prepare a healthy meal in the nick of time is encapsulated within the pot. For the pressure cooker, internal pressure is nothing it can’t handle. For us, internal pressure to get that meal on the table is something we can do without.  The pressure cooker’s higher boiling point capacity means that you can speed up your cooking time. It means that this single gadget can save you time and money without sacrificing nutrition and health.

Here are the benefits:

  • Less cooking time: Pressure cookers reduce cooking time by more than half. Ingredients, like beans can take 20 minutes rather than one hour. Whole grains 15 rather than 45 minutes.
  • Save money: For some the dread in the cooking time it takes to cook dried beans can be a deterrent to eating more of this great protein source. Buying dried provisions that typically require more time to cook becomes more of an option and cost less than frozen or canned varieties.
  • Less cleanup time: One-pot meal solutions, such as soups, stews or simple beans leave less to clean up.  Who doesn’t love that!
  • Energy conservation: Pressure cookers accelerated cooking time relies on less power. Being sustainable, even in small ways, can mean big savings on utility bills.
  • More nutrition: Pressure cookers help retain almost all vitamins. Your food keeps at least 90-95% is nutritional value, which translates to better health. Buying dried beans or grains are a better alternative to canned and frozen foods, skipping out on added salt and other preservatives.pressurecookerretention

A pressure cooker is a win-win tool for anyone who cooks and especially ideal for the busy home cook. I’m sold on it and only regret that I didn’t jump on it sooner.

Pressure cookers vary in size and quality. One of the key features of a pressure cooker is the material its made of.  When looking for a pressure cooker, you can choose from two options, stovetop or electric. Whichever you choose, just go for steel and avoid aluminum. Go get yours and create more time to cook.





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