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There are plenty of ways to eat clean, cook better, lose or maintain weight, cleanse our bodies from the overburden of toxins and heal our bodies. And it may require less than we think. It may not be just about food. Through the power of breath, conscious breath, we can tap into one of the best health giving benefits money can’t buy. It may very well be a far-fetched idea to breathe our way into good health, just as it is unrealistic to expect one particular food to provide us with all the nutrients we need to be healthy. But…

Knowing that breath is our primary source of nourishment and by paying close attention to how we do it, (coupled with clean water and good food choices), we may very well have a recipe for health.

As we breathe, we flex our upper respiratory muscles and stimulate our blood flow. As we breathe, there is a hidden quality in the elements of the atmosphere that is nourishing us on a deeper level. When we take that breath in, with it we are in touch with universal prana, it’s waves and field.

Prana gives our bodies the energy to live and thrive. It nourishes every organ and gives us the energy to do what we do, work, cook, dance, and even engage in activities that require less movement, like meditation. In fact, it’s the same stuff that fuels our brain before and during meditation, which does not always have to be still life. Sometimes during the daily grind we have no other choice but to practice waking meditation, and this awareness fits into how we breathe while we cook and while we eat. Conscious breathing awakens the whole brain, nourishes the whole body, giving us control over both, ultimately, affecting how we feel.

In Sanskrit, prana means life-force, an invisible bio-energy that lends to good health. Because of it’s free flowing nature, prana can’t be encapsulated or bottled as a magic pill (thank goodness!). Best of all, it accessible and it’s FREE. Building our reserve of prana comes from eating clean unprocessed foods, cooking with positive intentions, exercise, yoga/meditation and generally engaging in activities that make us happy. Sometimes easier said than done, but still in the realm of possibility.

Better breathing promotes health by:  

  • Reducing acidity in the body
  • Activating the nervous system
  • Promoting relaxation and less stress
  • Improving function of all organs and makes digestion less work
  • Improving our metabolism
  • Detoxifying our system

Not only is prana our vital life force, it is also a healing tool. When we have enough of it, we can share it with others through direct and indirect contact. We can certainly share this energy through food, words or any other form of communication. As unusual as it sounds, simply breathing over a wound or pain-inflicted area can provide a level of relief, it’s been tried and tested, but call it the placebo affect, if it’s easier to digest.

I may be stating the obvious, but a key player here is oxygen. Oxygen feeds our bodies in so many ways. Oxygen helps us regulate our inner thermostat and even may require us to eat less food. It affects how many calories and fat we burn, and helps to shed those extra pounds, if that’s the goal. Conscious breathing also boosts our metabolism in such a way that allows our cells to produce more energy. A properly oxygenated body creates more of an alkaline environment, giving diseases a less desirable breading ground.

You can get your unlimited dose of prana and oxygen by breathing with awareness, making healthy food choices, finding what makes you happy and plunging forward. It can also be as simple as getting out in nature, drinking more water and adding high water content foods such as, cucumber, celery, radishes, green peppers, cauliflower, cantaloupe, watermelon, spinach, grapefruit, carrots, strawberries, broccoli and starfruit to your eating plan. This is by no means a complete list, but these foods are made up of at least 90% water, and so, a great place to start. Take a deep breath and harness the healing power of prana.


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