Sweating the Small Stuff, A simple Fall Dinner

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Sweating the Small Stuff, A simple Fall Dinner

We start the cooking process by sweating the small stuff, we end with the big stuff. The stuff, great meals are built upon. Aromatics, tubers, alliums are all great choices.







Carrots, poblanos for stock. Walnuts and pumpkin seeds for garnish.



Sweating  foundational vegetables, like alliums, aromatics and tubers, is a great path towards a great soup or stew. Sweating is all about using gentle heat to soften vegetables and release their aromatic flavors. This technique is especially useful when all you want is a creamy bowl of soup of any kind.



blenderOnce the vegetables have softened and the main ingredients added (carrots in this case). Any liquid will do, like water and/or coconut milk. You are ready to blend. Acids, like lime juice and zest should be added at the end.



Carrot Ginger Lime Soup








Can’t have soup without salad (well you can, but, it’s the perfect compliment).


Arugula & Apple Salad


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