The Anti-inflammatory Power of Smoky Sesame Seaweed Slaw

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The Anti-inflammatory Power of Smoky Sesame Seaweed Slaw

Relieve swelling, pain, and other symptoms of inflammation with nature’s best helpers. We’ve intuitively combined key anti-inflammatory foods that resonate to an alkaline frequency, helping the body to detox naturally and boost vitality.

Cooking Alchemy’s Anti-inflammatory Super Salad is made with red and green cabbage, carrots, wakame, apple cider vinegar, wasabi, ginger, garlic, lime and black sesame seeds. Black sesame seeds not only provide a beautiful color contrast, but they are also loaded with copper and calcium for strong bones, zinc for immunity along with iron and B vitamins. Optional ingredients are smoky paprika, agave or maple syrup and pink sea salt.

A delicious cold slaw can be made without mayo. Don’t be afraid to go outside of the box with your cold slaw. Let go of the classic way it has always been done and invent your own rendition of this perfect food anytime of the year.

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