Cooking Alchemy


Cooking Alchemy

March 2017
Entrepanuer Works, by Elizabette Andrade

Elizabette Andrade, creator of Cooking Alchemy, embraces the evolution she has experienced in running her eco-conscious business. Starting as an unknown test brand, Elizabette’s healthy food and healing products have excelled to the wholesale production sphere, and the entrepreneur herself has gained enough recognition to teach workshops as a chef educator/consultant, at The Free Library’s Center for Culinary Literacy and The Food Trust’s Farmers Market in summer 2015, to name a few.

After her teaching job ended in 2010, Elizabette decided to turn one of her favorite and most ease-free pastimes—cooking—into a product that others could enjoy. Merging her passion for cooking and teaching, she developed Cooking Alchemy, formerly called Earth’s Elements, and in 2013, Elizabette competed in Entrepreneur Works’ annual Taste of Success event and won first place for her Yuba Croquette dish. She later learned more about Entrepreneur Works’ services, which she still considers a reliable source in the success of her small business.

Today, among her Food Trust and other pop-up workshops, as a culinary literacy and education consultant, Elizabette works with other non-profit agencies in schools in underserved communities. Elizabette’s workshops and demos focus on changing thinking and behavior about fast and processed food and transforming simple ingredients into cost-effective and health conscious home-prepared meals. “The big picture is that I want to give people autonomy in their cooking and remind them that health is in their hands and in their kitchens,” Elizabette says.

As Elizabette’s respected reputation earns her more and more well reception among customers, her teachings might take form in an even wider variety of learning, through more products and customized services to further Cooking Alchemy’s empowering mission.

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