About Our Handcrafted Food as Medicine Products

Health Is In Your Hands & In Your Kitchen

At the intersection of ancient practices and modern day living, Cooking Alchemy has tapped into the healing power of culinary herbs and spices to craft all natural plant-based specialty food products that will enhance home meals and boost health.

Our products are made with quality herbs and spices that help with digestion, balance mood, protect against disease, clear toxins, provide nutrients, boost the immune system and metabolism, and reduce inflammation and infection. As essential oils of the kitchen, spices stimulate our digestion, our senses, and add flavor and nutrition to everyday meals. All specialty products are free of nut, soy, and wheat ingredients and byproducts.

Because taste and cooking matters, our real food products are designed to support and encourage home cooks to get more delicious meals on the table in less time. Locally crafted and mindfully produced, our line of spice blends, botanical butters, boullions and pastes makes home meals simple, nutritious and time effective.

We hope you’ll make space for us in your kitchen pantry.