C.L.I.N.E (Culinary Literacy In Nutrition Education)

At Cooking Alchemy, We Believe...

Cooking is not only a fundamental act of self-care, but also a revolutionary act in cultivating a more culinary literate society and it is our mission to empower others in becoming better home cooks. Cooking is a family and community affair, and as such we believe that collaboration with organizations and agencies is essential in ensuring the future health of children, families and communities.

Culinary Literacy and Nutrition Education programming is designed for school age populations, grades 6-12. We offer 6 to 8 week pop-up programming at school sites during after school hours throughout the Philadelphia region. Hands-on classes will reinforce health education standards, socio-ecological principles, and practical culinary skills development. Through direct interaction with real food, school age youth will not only be introduced to new foods, nutrition and culinary concepts, they will also evaluate factors, systems, and processes that influence food choice and behavior. Culinary literacy, at the center of learning, instills value and promotes self-care through right actions with food. We strive to help young people become more conscious cooks, eaters, critical thinkers and problem solvers.

Classes & Events

Many Hands Can Stir One Pot...

Since 2010, we have joined hands with community organizations in providing quality products and/or programming throughout Philadelphia. We believe many hands can stir one pot and we are working together to create a more culinary literate society.

  • Wyck House
  • Germantown Life Enrichment Center
  • Keyspot Philadelphia
  • Greensgrow Farms
  • Food Trust
  • Infusion Coffeehouse & Tea Gallery
  • The Nile Café
  • Germantown Historical Society
  • EducationWorks
  • Molefi Kente Asante Institute
  • The Miquon School
  • Art Sanctuary
  • Real Food Works
  • 1199c District Healthcare Fund
  • Hunger Against Coalition
  • COOK
  • Free Library of Philadelphia
  • The Humane League


Led by our Culinary Nutritionist and Educator, we offer 60-120 minute classes, within the context of a plant strong lifestyle, for individuals or groups, adults and/or children. Our hands-on classes are designed to engage and encourage aspiring and seasoned home cooks to cook more nutritious meals. Topics include, but are not limited to Pantry Basics, Spice Mixology, Plant-based Nutrition, and the Art of Soup, and Seasonal Food Literacy. Classes can be customized to meet the greater needs of the group/community. Please visit our calendar for upcoming classes, dates, times and location and/or contact us to schedule a class.

We also offer Train the Trainer Workshops for nutrition educators and professionals. Cooking has been identified as means to implementing nutrition concepts and good health. If your organization or agency is interested in learning more about effective strategies to educate and motivate home cooks, develop culinary literacy, and encourage more home cooking, please contact us to schedule an initial consultation.