Food Metaphysics

Cooking as a Contemplative Practice/Food Philosophy

Got Soul?

Of course you do! Bring it! To the kitchen… Where there is flow. There is magic. And YOU are part of this beautiful design. Creating soul food is more about what is inside of us, and less about what we are cooking with.  Infuse the best parts of yourself into the mix. Become a soulful cook!

Cooking as a Contemplative Practice/Foodcycling

Unleashing the inner cook

I would have loved to write more about healing foods and share beautiful captures of delicious food, but, there is sense of priority to talk about the actual art of cooking. The month is almost over, but not without a lot of sprouting and synchronicities, especially when it comes to Cooking. Along with Michael Pollan’s new book, Cooked, Mark Bittman…

Cooking as a Contemplative Practice/Healing Foods

The Lost Ritual of Eating

Eating, along with cooking, is a sacred ritual worthy of the highest priority on our list of to do’s.  The energy surrounding the food and infused into the food, takes precedence to the actual food itself. Moving past the notion that food is only a means to satisfy an immediate physical need, we can admit that we, at some point,…

Cooking as a Contemplative Practice

Cooking with Intention

A few years back I participated in a Professional Development activity that had nothing at all to do with culinary arts (or so I thought then), but much to do with Contemplative Practices and its place in learning. According to the Center for Contemplative Mind in Society, “contemplative practices quiet the mind in order to cultivate a personal capacity for…