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Food Philosophy

7 Ways to Raise your Culinary IQ

Our palates couldn’t help but to evolve with the rest of us. Our preferences and desire for the next meal continues to keep us curious and creative. If only our wants could magically create good food. Because they can’t do it alone, these 7 tools will help you raise your culinary intuitive quotient. Be real. The kitchen is one the…

Food Philosophy

Home Cooking: A Call to Action

Some days, it’s just about getting a meal on table. It’s about getting the job done simply for nourishment. On these days the desire for elaborate dishes, fancy tableware and expensive ingredients take a back seat. This is when preparing a home meal is about what’s most practical, takes less time, and still feeds you/the family on all levels. Home…

Cooking as a Contemplative Practice/Food Philosophy

Got Soul?

Of course you do! Bring it! To the kitchen… Where there is flow. There is magic. And YOU are part of this beautiful design. Creating soul food is more about what is inside of us, and less about what we are cooking with.  Infuse the best parts of yourself into the mix. Become a soulful cook!

Food Philosophy

Who’s in charge?

There’s something more between it. This connection between the cook and cooked. Between the cook and the ingredients, the cook and the recipe, is the Flow. This space of flow is where the culinary intuitive lives. Only when thought forms fade into the backdrop of nowhere can you awaken your intuitive titan of the culinary kind. The culinary intuit, relies…

Food Philosophy

Putting the Pressure On

One of the most novel constructs in cooking has found its way back into the kitchens and lives of cooks and chefs. Today, it serves the same purpose with added benefits, in a time when we are busier than ever. With it, the only pressure to prepare a healthy meal in the nick of time is encapsulated within the pot….

Food Philosophy/Healing Foods

Kitchen Yoga

Citrus-beet salad with Roasted Fennel, Radicchio, Chives, & Pistachios Snow, ice, rain, hot tea, cocoa, all become one on snow days of no school and less travel. Being in a warm, aroma filled scent-filled kitchen can be better than being in bed. It’s the perfect space for kitchen yoga. Being in kitchen yoga mode is more than about stretching your…

Food Philosophy

Snow Days: Cooking the Day Away

A day in bed? Catching up on unfinished projects or tasks? Or a day in the kitchen? The thought of passing on an ideal, spontaneous, resourceful, put your foot in it cooking day, was much too tempting to pass on. It’s the ideal time for slow cooked food. So, I spent most of my waking hours doing it. Creating… a…

Food Philosophy

What’s your type?

Did you know that “9 out of 10 cooks in the US could be categorized as being one of 5 personality types”? The Food Psychology folks at Cornell University published the results of the personality tests, but they may have left out a 6th and 7th personality type. I have included the Mindful Cook who understands and respects the connection…

Food Philosophy

Practices for Avoiding Holiday Eating Pitfalls

Cook for Health Comb the web for lower calories versions of family classics. Try vegetable broths for flavor and spices for pizzazz. Cook with presence. Do it with gratitude. Cook for variety: Variety doesn’t mean you have to be a statistic of the “buffet effect.” It also doesn’t mean it has to all be eaten in one day. Make a…

Food Philosophy

Feeling Flavor

Because it’s hard to talk about spice without talking about flavor, here we are. What is it exactly? How does it work?  What does it all mean in the world of cooking and eating? As far as we have come, we have our limitations when it comes to understanding what taste really is. So, we’ve accepted the 4 pillars of…

Food Philosophy

Giants in the Kitchen

A simple pleasure. Culture. Most of us enjoy eating out. Most of us may fall in the often, seldom, or somewhere in between. Some of us may have attempted, at least a time or two (or more), to replicate take-out or convenient meals at home. As ambitious and determined as we may be, there’s good reason why most pre-packaged convenience…

Food Philosophy

7 Habits of Highly Successful Home Cooks

Successful home cooks are good at the craft, not by chance. A successful home cook can rely on LUCK, “when opportunity meets preparedness”, as Deepak Chopra has defined it. With a few good habits, a dash of time, and a pinch of willingness, you are well on your way to finding the LUCK in your home kitchen. Developing these new…

Food Philosophy

The Cook & The Flame

“The cook dances with the element fire. The cook stirs the cauldron. The cook transforms the parts and turns them into our whole. Blessings on the cook. Praise the cook. May your food be well-cooked”-Susan Weed There is great debate between raw and cooked foods. Which is best? Which is worse? Why choose when we can have the best of…

Food Philosophy

Foodcycling & Healing with Adzuki Beans

Beans, beans, beans! Easily overlooked and abandoned.  For convenience sake, we have been tempted and have oftentimes replaced beans with pseudo or processed foods. They may not have as much appeal compared fresh, colorful greens or peppers. As ancient as grains, beans have been a staple in many cultures and for good reason. Dried beans are not only a cost-effective…