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November Tricks and Tricks,

COOK, by Matt Gagliardi on November 27, 2018 Tip #4 Healthy Flaxseed Gel For any vegans trying to make cookies for the upcoming holidays, this one is for you! Elizabette Andrade of Cooking Alchemy showed our guests how to make an egg substitute from flaxseeds. If you boil flaxseeds in water after about 5 minutes, a viscous liquid will start to form. Drain…


Cooking Alchemy

March 2017 Entrepanuer Works, by Elizabette Andrade Elizabette Andrade, creator of Cooking Alchemy, embraces the evolution she has experienced in running her eco-conscious business. Starting as an unknown test brand, Elizabette’s healthy food and healing products have excelled to the wholesale production sphere, and the entrepreneur herself has gained enough recognition to teach workshops as a chef educator/consultant, at The…


How To Eat, With Kids!

February 28, 2012 BY Elizabette AndradE For many, eating as a family is slipping through their fingers, like time. Have we somehow become products our own modern conditioning and reversed our priorities? Why are we rushing past one of the most sacred moments we have with our families? There are so many reasons why we need it now more than…


How An “It Takes A Village” Philosophy Led To A Winter Bazaar In Germantown

Newsworks, December 21, 2011 By Kristen Mosbrucker Inside a seemingly nondescript white brick building at 45 E. Church Lane in Germantown, colorful batiks hang from the spiral staircase. After three flights of stairs, African prints appear on the banister while white icicle lights frame a single door. The small foyer opens into a large dance studio filled with art vendors,…


Comic book Pits Healthy Food Choices, Against Junk Food

March 26, 2012 Germantown Avenue Parents Philly Parenting A blog by Elizabette Andrade, of Germantown Avenue Parents Amid the variety of foods, crafts and flowers that makes Reading Terminal a sought after experience in Philly, there is a spot, Miscellanea Libri, which satisfies appetites with the rarest titles, hard to find and never heard of new and used books. My…


Historic Germantown Serves Up Cuisine From the Past As It Looks Toward the Future

Newsworks, September 11, 2012 By Meg Frankowski for NewsWorks Storm clouds and heavy rains didn’t keep more than 180 people from gathering at Saturday night’s “A New Taste of Germantown” fundraiser, the first of its kind for Historic Germantown (HG). Having merged with the Germantown Historical Society last Spring, the co-sponsored event was held at their 5501 Germantown Ave. base….


How To Eat Mindfully, With Kids

Newsworks, January 14 2013 Philly Parenting A blog by Elizabette Andrade, of Germantown Avenue Parents We are what we eat. It’s believable, verifiable, questionable. Food is oftentimes at the core of our pleasures, pains and … wallets. It’s our number one go-to, our enemy, our comforter and necessity. Life would not be what it is without it. Yet, there is…


Food Waste? Not in Philly!

Newsworks, March 2013 Philly Parenting A blog by Elizabette Andrade, of Germantown Avenue Parents It should come as no surprise that as a land of plenty, we waste plenty too. After paper and paperboard, food waste is the second biggest solid waste in the U.S. According to, the average American household creates about 1.28 pounds of daily waste, equal…