Food Therapy Meal Planning & Coaching

Take Contol Over Your Kitchen

Good cooking does not depend on whether the dish is large or small, expensive or economical. If one has the art, then a piece of celery or salted cabbage can be made into a marvelous delicacy; whereas if one has not the art, all the greatest delicacies and rarities of land, sea or sky are of no avail”
– Yuan Mei, 18
th Century Chinese Poet


Our customized meal planning and coaching classes are designed to help you take control over your kitchen, experience delicious food and enjoy good health.



We believe cooking is more than just about food ingredients and technique...

Cooking is a way to care for ourselves and others, trust our intuition or inner knower, tap into our creativity, and of course, enjoy good, nutritious and healing food. Cooking Alchemy’s Food Therapy & Culinary Nutrition Coaching Program is designed to guide, motivate, support and empower home cooks to take health and wellness into their own hands and make cooking a more fulfilling habit and mindful practice.  Through our individualized approach, holistic food therapy model, culinary and nutrition literacy and awareness, home cooks will develop the skills and confidence to create the most nutritious and nourishing meals in the comfort of their own homes. Our Food Therapy model incorporates the ancient practice of food as medicine philosophy, designed for modern day living. Sessions are offered virtually as well as face-to-face. We would love to work with you to make home meal preparation, cost and time effective, as well as nutritious. If you are interested in learning more about our unique program, please contact us for a free 30 minute consultation.