Our Philosophy

We believe cooking is a way to connect with the soul of ritual, a path to love and healing.

We believe that food is energy and information and that cooking is a means of tapping into the vibrational energy of plant foods. Nourishing food starts with awareness, good intentions, real food ingredients and you. We believe that cooking is the most powerful means of taking care of ourselves and that the best meals are created in the comfort of our own kitchens. We believe that through the transformative power of cooking, we change how well we eat and how well we live. We believe it’s not just about what you cook, but how you cook. The simple act of cooking with awareness changes the energetic quality of ingredients and the cook.

We believe if you cook more you will:

  • Become more in tune with yourself and your nutritional needs.
  • Become more mindful of your food preferences.
  • Use cooking as a holistic approach to health.
  • Use cooking as a therapeutic approach to emotional well-being.
  • Become more intuitive, confident and creative in the kitchen.
  • Eat less processed foods.
  • Save money.
  • Reduce your carbon Footprint.


We are intuitive in our design. Mindful in our practice. Ecologically conscious in our approach.

Our practices simply mean, we care. We care about the health of people and our planet, and because we do, we use the most sustainable measures possible in sourcing our ingredients, and packaging our goods. All that we create is crafted to offer products that are practical, nutritious, flavorful and sustainable. Our services are designed to guide and empower individuals and families to cook more for better health and well-being.

“A meal is a magical rite by means of which food is transformed into health, strength, love and light”- Aivanhov