In 2014, we merged cooking, the most fundamental act of nourishment, and alchemy, the oldest science known, to birth Cooking Alchemy.

We started Cooking Alchemy because we believe that cooking is the foundation of good health and well-being. On a journey to wholeness and wellness, food has been our medicine and cooking, a guide to reclaiming the power over our kitchen, our family and our health. Cooking, intuitively and vibrationally is our birthright and it’s our mission to reconnect families with this most sacred act of self-care. Together we are finding our way back to the healing kitchen to empower home cooks and inspire more home meals. We offer simple solutions to create nutritious and nourishing meals in less time, from mindfully handcrafted food as medicine infused with the highest intentions, and quality ingredients and services designed to nudge your inner cook and transform your relationship with food. Join us in redefining cooking as one of the most valuable acts of self-care and honoring the benefits of home cooking as a path to well-being and healing.

Cook. Eat. Live. 

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