Food Therapy Box


Food Therapy Box


Our seasonal fall box is ideal for the aspiring home cook who wants to cook more and are designed to boost nutrition and inspire more home meals in less time. Each box contains a variety 4 specialty products, recipes ideas and a complimentary cooking utensil.



Perfect for all season and holiday gifting.  Each curated box contains:

Sweet Karma Baking Butter: infused with aromatic and carminative (digestive aids) benefits of ginger, cinnamon, cloves, vanilla, and nutmeg. By simply replacing traditional baking oil or butter with Sweet Karma, you are adding more fiber from coconut flakes and flavor from spice essences.

Bouillons: Soups made soup. Our line of gourmet hand-crafted bouillons will make soup making simple. Rich in fiber and flavor, our bouillons are immune building, anti-inflammatory, and anti-viral. Now you can enjoy a mineral-rich bone broth, without the bone.

We offer two varieties for this Season:

A Classic Vegetable base made with turmeric, thyme and garlic.

A Seaweed base made with wakame and dulse. Seaweed Bouillons are a great source of additional minerals, vitamins and iodine.

Sabura Paste: Give your grain and bean dishes a nutritional boost with traditional herbs and spices influenced by the flavors of Cape Verde Islands. Our pastes are one of our most versatile products and can be used as a wet rub or made into a sauce for marinating your favorite food.

All of our products are rich in prebiotic and probiotic (gut healthy) functional food ingredients to make home meals simple, delicious and flavorful.